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Welcome to MEDWAY LLC

Streaming Device Services

Streaming media players enables you to watch your favorite TV channels and shows without a wired setup. It is a simplest way of turning your old Television sets into a Smart TV. The new generation of 4k Smart TV’s come with the option to setup your TV using apps to connect to your favorite shows. The old Television doesn’t come with those features. As long as the old TV has the HDMI it is possible to make them smart TV using the streaming devices. The streaming device is a unit that is hooked to the HDMI port of the TV and once it is hooked and activated it enables the option of downloading any Channels apps thereby converting your old television into a Smart TV. Now you can download the Apps of your favorite channels and connect to your favorite channels, Movies and shows. It also links to the home network through the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet and can receive a variety of streaming music and video services through the internet. You can Watch or listen to your favorite programs or songs on your TV. Grab photos, music and video stored on the PC through your home network via the streaming media player.

When compared to the full-featured PC, these streaming boxes offer simplicity and are designed to play back content and any digital media. They’re relatively easy to connect, setup and does not crash. They definitely cost much lesser than a PC. The stream devices also provide an ability to enable any channels of your choice.

  • Compatibility to several file formats to play your personal media
  • Only a single HDMI output required for connectivity
  • Simple GUIs
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices that can connect to your home network
  • Cheaper than TVs and PCs
  • NetGear Neo TV
  • Roku LT, HD, 3, etc
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • DLink Boxee Box
  • Western Digital WD TV Live Hub
  • Sony Internet Player
  • Seagate FreeAgent

Trading Solutions

Medway is a software development and consultancy organization specialized in building proprietary algorithmic trading solutions and solutions based innovative software for various industries. We develop Quant Systems (Adaptive Robots) which use specific strategies that adapts to an Evolving markets. We cater to hedge funds, retail brokers, market makers, and individual traders that incorporate all aspects of the trade lifecycle. Our team of seasoned software engineers and expert quant developers specialize in back testing and optimizing trading strategies as well as building intelligent real time automated trading systems that can incorporate multiple trading strategies aimed at generating profits and / or hedging.
Medway is also a leading, full-service IT company providing technology solutions to organizations of all sizes and from all industries. Our range of services includes comprehensive IT Services, computer networking and custom software development.

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Medical Financing

Medcare is a web based PMS system with integrated lending gateway.

Benefits For Patients

If you are a patient looking for medical financing for a health care procedure or an elective procedure like cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, or cosmetic dentistry, we have many options with our low rate patient financing programs.

Benefits For Providers

Multiple Options – Generate several approved financing options with one click of a button.
Increased Revenue -Increase the number of patients approved for financing
Simplicity – Decide to accept or decline the financing by our lenders including Care Credit
Streamlined -Submit patient information online from only one application form
Value -Utilize a FREE gateway portal that streamlines your practice with no up-front fees.

Certified EMR/PMS

Medway certified EMR is already being praised for its intuitive design, making clinical training optimally efficient while enhancing patient care. Medway provides installs and Services EMR totally free for qualified billing clients. Our commitment to value removes the financial and administrative barriers that have prevented more than 90% of private practices from fully using an EMR. Medway also offers it’s EMR for purchase or lease without obligated to go with our billing services.

Our Practice Management system integrates with EMR seamlessly and electronically facilitates the use of that data with the requirements of billing, collections, claims, scheduling, reports, lab results, imaging, referrals and other clinical and practice procedures. The high level of connectivity allows access across locations and staff functions, improves the speed and quality of patient care and insures greater levels of accuracy.

Our screens are user friendly, the progression in keeping with the natural workflow your staff are accustomed to. The number of click-throughs to key functions is minimized.

Our data mining capabilities will bring the benefits of the integrated modules and data repositories to a higher level of sophistication by linking, grouping and making accessible information not previously available, enabling more effective treatment protocols and outcome studies to be undertaken.

Project Management System

Our Project management systems assists your organization in moderation of a project throughout its life cycle. Project management systems provides project managers visibility on project, resource and metric, introduces software project management and describes its distinctive characteristics, discusses about project planning and the planning process, the notion of risks and the risk management process.


Our Customer Relationship Management improves the relations between you and your customers. It helps your enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way and to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team. It assist your organization in Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes.

Digital Media and Hardware Maintenance Services

At MEDWAY LLC, we pride ourselves on offering custom built computer systems, computer hardware, and computer services geared to your needs.

Your system will not be oversold (loaded with more features and software than you need) or underpowered (too slow or not enough computer memory for those great new games). We will quote a custom built computer system tha’s right for you, and we build it at an affordable price.

All hardware failures for components located inside the case and the case itself for 1 year from the purchase date of the system.  Extended warranties are available.

Labor Rates (all minimum 1 hour)

At our shop $59.99 per hour.
At your site $69.99 per hour.
Emergency rate $99.99 per hour.
Service Contracts Please call for individual rates.

Labor charged in 30 minute increments after the first hour.

Local service area is the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida area, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Lutz, Plant City.

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Quantleo Trading Framework

The ability to provide good returns on investment depends on the ability to take trades objectively , consistently and taking advantage of every opportunity.

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Quantleo Optimization Framework

Achieving consistent returns is a function of running the robot under various market conditions and tweaking and selecting the best permutation.

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Enterprise Operations Infrastructure

The success of a mature trading organization depends heavily on automating various activities related to the trade lifecycle.

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Enterprise Service Infrastructure

Trading operations needs to be serviced and maintained to deliver value to the organization and its clients.

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